Targeting DNA-binding Proteins SemanticBI: prediction of DNA-TF binding intensities (trained on DREAM5 PBM data sets)
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DNA input (FASTA format or Sequence format and max 100 sequences with length 40-120. You should make sure that there are only capital letter ATGC in DNA sequences, and the lengths of sequences are same.)
TF input ("None" indicates no TF input, and its return includes only sequence-orinted feature)  
Note: If TF input is specified, both prediction values of binding intensity and sequence feature vector will be predicted.
Note: If TF input is not given, only sequence feature vector will be predicted.
Email  Address (mandatory, where results will be sent to)
Package: download code at GitHub.
Reference: Lijun Quan, Jie Mei, Ruji He, Xiaoyu Sun, Liangpeng Nie and Qiang Lyu. Quantifying intensities of transcription factor-DNA binding by learning from an ensemble of protein binding microarrays. Submit to JBHI.