Targeting DNA-binding Proteins DLPred : An Accurate Sequence-Based Predictor for Protein-protein Interaction Sites Predition
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 This repository is for our paper "Sequence-based prediction of protein-protein interaction sites bysimplified long-short term memory network" , and we proposed a tool DLPred, for protein-protein interaction sites perdition.

  • The compressed file "" is test datasets of PSSM, PPIS, PDB.

  • The compressed file "" is our used test datasets. The formatting of the datasets is "features,labels". Features are 20_dim PSSM and 1 dim residues.

  • The compressed file "" is our provided standalone software of DLPred. It runs like: python -i fasta_file -o out.result
    where, "fasta_file" is a protein sequence, "out.result" is predicted results.

  •   In order to run the software, you should install Python 2.7, Theano(version 0.9 or 1.0), keras (2.1.4) and psiblast. If you want to pridict sequences in batching, you can modify the data processing codes.

    Thank you!
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